Colorado Airports

People always search ways to get more quickly to their destinations, and when it comes to transportation, there is no doubt that the new technology did its best to improve and to continue to improve the means of transportation.

Airports are perhaps the last invention in terms of rapidity and large capacity: using the services of an airport, you have the certitude that you will get as fast as possible to your destination and safely because the plane seems to be the most secure mean of transportation.

The number and the types of airports which can exist in a state differ because of many aspects: geographical, economical, historical, political, etc. But, when we talk about Colorado Airports, we must know that are different types of airports in Colorado: there are public-use airports, private-use airports, former airports, military airports and airports with commercial enplanements.

Each airport has its own function and brings an important budget to the economy of the state of Colorado. The first five airports in Colorado known tanks to the great number of passengers which choose to use their services are: Denver International Airport, Colorado Springs Airport, Aspen-Pitkin County Airport, Eagle County Regional Airport and Grand Junction Regional Airport. We will try to draw the attention to their importance in Colorado and to present you some characteristics which make them unique and famous in this state.

Denver International Airport is a famous airport because it is considered to be the fifth busiest airport in the world thanks to its number of aircraft movements (over 635,000 movements in 2011) and the 10th busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic (almost 40 million of people are passengers flying with Denver Airport. It has the longest public use runway in the United States, automated baggage system which reduces waiting times at luggage, solar energy system which protects the environment from the carbon emissions (a sort of revenge for the carbon emissions caused by flights) and Wi-Fi access which allows you to relax playing or chatting with your friends.

Colorado Springs Airport is known because it is a civil-military and public-use airport, the second busiest airport in Colorado, after Denver Airport. The airport has three paved runways, a passenger terminal and the main terminal which nowadays is undergoing renovation (this renovation brings other facilities for automated baggage screening, for checkpoints and more space for the ticket counters). This renovation is also the effect of a continual expansion; the airport serves its clients from eleven United States cities offering them non-stop service.

Aspen-Pitkin County Airport is, as the name tells us, a county-owned public-use airport which provides scheduled commercial flights, military flights, air taxi flights and general flights. There is one airport terminal where you will find also gift shops, rental car operations, a restaurant and a year round guest services operation. A plan of numerous improvements seems to be the purpose for the next years.

Eagle County Regional Airport is a public airport with a single runway; the passengers choose this airport especially in the seasonal periods, so this is why the airport is considered the second busiest airport in Colorado during the ski season, while during the summer season, the number of tourists continues to increase each year. Another important aspect about this airport refers to its popularity when we think at private aircraft operators.

The last but not the least, Grand Junction Regional Airport is also a public-use airport, but the largest airport in the western part of Colorado. Its first name remembered us the man who came with the idea, funds and business support for the construction of the airport: Walker Field, but soon the airport authority changed it, but the fire building and airport’s terminal continue to be named as the creator as an homage brought in these times.

We hope that the information that we presented make you more curious about the secrets of these airports or help you discovering more things about them, features which are primordial for all types of airports or differentiate them. 


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