Taxes in Colorado

All Colorado Hotels has not forget about the ones who think about moving to Colorado and, for this, a crucial thing to know concerns the taxes that a resident should pay there, so check out the list below:

State Sales Tax: 2.9% (food and prescription drugs exempt); in some cities there are some complementary taxes that are added to this percentage but the total could no be higher than 9.9%.

Gasoline Tax: 22 cents/gallon

Diesel Fuel Tax: 20.5 cents/gallon

Cigarette Tax: 84 cents/pack of 20

Personal Income Taxes

All taxpayers: 4.63% of Federal taxable income

Personal Exemptions/Credits: Federal amounts are automatically adopted.

Standard Deduction: None

Medical/Dental Deduction: Federal amount Federal Income

Tax Deduction: None

VA Disability Dependency and Indemnity Compensation: VA benefits are not taxable because they generally are for disabilities and are not subject to federal or state taxes. 

Property Taxes

The property taxes on real estate are assessed at 7.96% of the property's actual value

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