If you are planning your trip to Colorado, don’t forget to include in your luggage some warm cloths and an umbrella.

Colorado has a capricious and complex climate, with considerable differences between the eastern plains and the western plains.

The Eastern Plains are semi-arid and the precipitations are not that abundant. The nights are great here, with clear sky and cool air, just perfect for romantic people. The summers are hot, with temperatures of 35 or even 38°C.

Don’t be surprised if you will find yourself in the middle of a snowstorm in April or in September, it is an usual phenomenon in the area. Maybe the ideal period for a vacation to the Eastern Plains of Colorado is the winter, when the weather is warmth by the Chinook winds, bringing an average temperature of -12°C.

Another specific aspect about the Eastern Plains is the fact that they belong to the Tornado Alley and this is the place where most of the deadliest tonadoes occur, so be careful. If you choose the Western Plains of Colorado for your vacation, be prepared for many irregularities. The climate here is humid during the winter and dry during the summer, especially in June.

The summers a cool, with a maximum temperature of 21°C and many thunderstorms, and the winters are cold, with abundant snowfalls and violent storms. Just as curiosity, he record of high temperature in Colorado was registered in July 1888 with 48°C and the coldest day ever was the 1st of February 1985, -51°C.

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